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OA Sutton Air Conditioners

In addition to Vornado fans OA Sutton also manufactured air conditioners, below are the models that I know of


Room Air Conditioners

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Model# Description Gallery Collection
D50A 1/2 HP Unit    
D75A 3/4 HP Custom Unit    
R75A 3/4 HP Standard Unit    
DH75A 3/4 HP Reverse Cycle Unit    
D150A 1 1/2 HP Unit    
D200A 2 HP Unit    
Unknown Casement Window Unit    


Car Air Conditioners

Other than knowing they exist I have little information on the car air conditioners.  Eventually I'll buy an ad for one and update this page


Central Air Conditioning

Yes indeed, OA Sutton did indeed manufacture Central A/C!

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Please note:  The information on this page is not complete and some of it may be purely speculation, if you have anything to add or correct, please e-mail me at Zachary3@gmail.com


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