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Thread: david's fans sightings (canadian fans)

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    wow david can't wait to see the end result looks good so far...

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    I was at the restore today to see how my project was going, it's almost done and i'm very happy.
    As for the fans, the moved the two elctrical boxes for the white ones, and they remove the gold one in the backstore (I wanted a wall where the fan used to be) and they didn't replace it.

    Last minute change, they replaced the two remaining canarms with Banvil Bronze Line (FP56R)



    As I was there, I took pictures of the fans that were for sale
    Hampton bay something, complete + remote

    Canarm with spotlights, from 1991-1993

    consumer distributing (there was also a white one in a box outside)

    and one of the guys sent me a picture of one they got in early march
    see my thread, david's ceiling fans sightings (canadians fans)

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    There's always another part !!
    1. 2 Canarms

    2. Hunter Original

    3. (Nadair)

    4. (Nadair)

    5. (Don't know)

    6. (2 canarms)

    7.(2 Canarm Mistral / grand builder) *already posted, but new pictures

    8. (2 canarm Omni) *Nothing too exceptional, but a dual install is always cool

    9. Way to weird to not be posted (alaska hugger)

    10. 2 Nadair

    11. Nadair Saturn

    12. SMC (U52 and U42? )

    13. Nadair designer and Encon

    14. might be a Guibb or a Banvil


    16. Monte Carlo + (I'm not sure)

    17. Nadair Heritage

    18. odd combination of fan + light kit

    19. Canarm Chateau + Nadair Heritage 6 blades

    20. Nadair Heritage + Hunter

    21. Banvil Chateau


    see my thread, david's ceiling fans sightings (canadians fans)

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